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Every transition is aided by defining what’s vitally important to your life and should be protected at all costs.

Structured Settlements

Your settlement is meant to protect the financial future of you and your loved ones. With a structured settlement there is no need to worry about market fluctuations and volatility. Your investment is secure and your income is guaranteed. Structured settlements provide security and peace of mind, so you know the money will be there when you need it.

Trust Services

For individuals with long-term medical and financial needs, a trust may be the best solution for preserving settlement proceeds. Claimants who receive government benefits and those who are disabled or incapable or making their own financial decisions are good candidates for a trust.

Government Benefit Preservation

It is important that every client understands the effects a settlement can have on needs-based government benefits (Medicaid, SSI, etc.). I ensure an appropriate plan is in place and the client is protected before settlement proceeds are distributed. My streamlined process preserves your clients' benefits and protects your firm's liability.

Qualified Settlement Funds

A Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF), also referred to as a 468B Trust, is an exceptionally useful settlement tool that allows time to properly resolve mass tort litigation and other cases involving multiple claimants. Let me assist you with all aspects of Qualified Settlement Fund administration.

Lien Resolution

Let me help you mitigate the risks involved with any liens that maybe linked to your case. With careful planning and negotiation, we can make sure a favorable resolution is reached.

Medicare Set Asides

A Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) is the government's preferred method for protecting Medicare's interests. A portion of the settlement is placed into an account to cover future medical costs related to the claimant's injury. Once the account is depleted, the claimant can begin receiving Medicare payments again.

Attorney Fee Deferrals

Attorneys may choose to defer the tax liability on their contingent fees. By placing a portion of their fees into a structured annuity, the fees are then received over time in a series of periodic payments.


The Settlement Consultant that VALUES YOU

My services go beyond the financial spectrum. They are meant to provide equal parts financial security and personal well-being for each one of my clients. My ultimate goal is to make sure that your settlement plan is crafted with care, a sense of dignity, and the reassurance that your future will remain bright. 

My commitment to you and to your financial future allows us to work together in bringing your entire financial picture into focus.  A broader perspective leads to better decisions, ultimately giving you more clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

I serve my clients by understanding their needs. Our partnership will be one that will stand for many years to come. Enriching the lives of my clients and their families is the motivation that pushes me to uphold the most dedicated service.

Clients come first. I recognize that financial decisions can sometimes be emotional and uncomfortable. As your trusted advocate, I provide a highly personal service that fosters strong, long-term relationships. I am committed to meeting your needs in every financial transition, across all facets of settlement planning, no matter how simple or complex.

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With a community of over 400 million users (and a majority age group being 18 to 29), wouldn’t you want to make sure you’re monitoring what people are posting on social networks?